George Kennedy
2 min readJun 22, 2021

Henry Ford once said, ‘failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently’. Well what about bungee jumping?

We know that elastic bands was invented in 1845 but the rubber that Ford was more interested in was for tires. If someone had come to him and suggested starting a business where you dangle people over bridges attached to rubber bands he would have probably said, “Nar, don’t get out of focus. Let’s stick to cars.”

Maybe this Ford quote could apply to the guy who owns the equipment (if he survived the lawsuit) but it would be of little comfort for the guy on the end of a bungee cord that failed. Right now he’s not too concerned with people quoting stuff. How could anyone jump more intelligently the second time after first being attached to the end of a bungee cord that broke? I certainly don’t know.

Pops, who was an outdoors man throughout his life, always carried a sense of humor. Now 96 years old he still believed he could do stuff he did at the age of 50. When I visited him at the seniors home I showed him some bungee jumping videos on YouTube.

As he marveled at the sight of the people going off the bridges and hanging by their feet he exclaimed, “Sure why don’t I and you give it a go?”

You want’s to go bungee jumping; at your age?” I asked.

Sure why not? I’m game.”

Now you know you’re pushing a hundred, right, and your bones are a bit brittle?”

What have age got to do with it? Sure you’re not liftin’ nothin’.”

What happens if your ankles crack off?”

Never thought of that.”

How about instead, if I buy you a grabber at the dollar store for picking up your socks?”

So the grabber was the compromise. One morning, a couple of weeks later I gets a call from Pops.

What’s the chance you could get me another one of them picker uppers?” he asked.

What happened to the other one? Did you break it?”

No it fell on the floor.”

Good one Pops!

George Kennedy